Special Need Voting

Central Election Commission offers the opportunity to vote persons that due to specific circumstances cannot personally go to the polling stations. This includes:

  1. Persons with illness or disabilities due to which they cannot leave house,
  2. Persons in hospitals,
  3. Elderly people in homes assigned for the elders,
  4. Persons with reduced mental abilities in health care institutions,
  5. Prisoners in prison and persons in detention centers, and
  6. Persons that cannot leave their houses for security reasons.

Access to this service depends on the category to which they belong which is described below, meanwhile voting is made possible through mobile teams that visit houses and respective institutions in order to offer the opportunity to vote to persons who must vote through this method.

FIRST CATEGORY: Voters with illnesses or disabilities which inhibits them from leaving their houses

Persons belonging to this category must be registered for this service. The registration can be done within the certain deadlines, following the steps below:

18 August – 02 Ostober 2021

Step 1 Download and fill the application form for special need voting

Application form for special need voting

Step 2 Attach medical diagnosis documents

Along with the form, submit copies of all supporting documents that indicate your medical diagnosis or disability due to which you cannot vote at polling centers.

Step 3 Submit the full application in the office of Municipal Election Commission

The full application, including the completed form and supporting documents, must be submitted to the Municipal Election Commission (MEC).

Addresses of Municipal Election Commission
SECOND CATEGORY: Voters in institutions

This category includes voters in hospitals, elderly homes, prisons and detention centers, as well as voters with reduced mental capacity in health care institutions. In order to facilitate the voting process for these voters, Central Election Commission cooperates with relevant institutions, receiving from them information about the voters who are in their care, and accordingly finalizes the list of persons who will use this service. Based on this list, mobile teams are assigned, who will visit these institutions to organize the voting process.

THIRD CATEGORY: Voters in special circumstances

This category includes voters who cannot vote at the polling centers because of security or because they live in a community that is displaced from the [place near their regular polling station. The Municipal Election Commission receives information on voters who have special circumstances, and based on this information, a voter list is created. On Election Day, mobile teams are sent to the residences of these voters and enable the voting process.

Mobile teams have ballot boxes that have a gray label. Votes of persons with special needs are not counted in polling stations. They are sent to the Count and Result Center, where the box security seals are first checked to confirm that they are the same seals that were placed in the morning of the Election Day. After confirming the data of these voters and revising if they accidentally voted in the double polling station, the envelopes with information are removed. Only unmarked envelopes remain, containing the ballots counted by the CRC teams. Thus, the secrecy of voters with special needs is protected.