Organization and functioning

Central Election Commission (CEC) is established in accordance with article 139 of the Constitution of Kosovo, and is a permanent independent body.

Central Election Commission is responsible for organization and implementation of elections in Kosovo. The role of the CEC is to regulate the electoral process through the adoption of the Election Rules and, monitoring of election process in all aspects to ensure that elections reach the international standards.

The composition of the CEC

CEC consist of eleven( 11) members : Chairperson and ten(10) other members . Chairman appointed by President of Republic of Kosovo and elect between judges of the Supreme Court. The mandate of the CEC Chairman is seven (7) years, starting from the date of the announcement given for the appointment by President of Kosovo. Functionality of exercising the task of member of CEC , is assigned by low, and rules for exercise of the mandate. Ten (10) other members of the CEC, have been appointed as a result of the nominations of six (6) the largest parliamentary groups of the Kosovo Assembly, and four (4) members representing smaller communities in Kosovo.

Councils of the CEC

The role of those councils is to solve certain issues and, to forward recommendations, reports, suggestions and opinions to the CEC for approval. Council consists of five (5) members from CEC.  The commission has 5 permanent councils.

  1. Foreign Relations Committee reviews issues that are related to:
    • Identifies and establishes preliminary relations with partners and possible donors for Central Election Commission.
    • Establishes contacts and created relations with different election institutions especially the ones in the region, represents the Commission in meetings and different events abroad except when CEC decides otherwise.
    • Researches and ensures projects for the training and exchange of experiences for professional development of the staff of the Commission.
    • Tackles main aspects of communication, cooperation with local and international partners as well other aspects of public communication.
    • Identifies and proposes to the Commission establishment of relations with different election mechanisms in the world including members of the Commission in those mechanisms
    • Engages to increase the cooperation of the Commission with election management bodies in country and region and abroad.
    • Deals with protocol issue
    • Identifies, reviews and recommends the Commission for participation of delegations of the Commission in international events such as conferences, observations, seminars, workshops etc.
  2. Engages for the continuous improvement image of Central Election Commission in public opinion.
  3. For issues reviewed, recommends and reports to Commission for every activity undertaken by the Commission.
  1. Personnel Committee tackles issues related to the personnel of the Secretariat, pursuant to the law.
  2. Reviews and recommends the organogram, employment plan, regulations for internal organization and training plan of the Secretariat.
  3. Tackles policies for improvement of work conditions, compensation and rewarding based on the volume and commitment.
  4. Reviews proposals of the Secretariat for organizational changes and grading of the staff.
  5. Reviews and recommends the employment plan and description of work duties for the temporary staff.
  6. Tackles the procedures for appointment and evaluation of senior officers.
  7. Chief Executive Officer reports Personnel Committee for all issues related to personnel of the Secretariat.
  8. Tackles other personnel issues that are competency of the Commission.
  9. Personnel Committee presents to the Commission information, written reports, recommendations related to issues reviewed.
  1. Committee on Budget and Finances reviews:
    • proposal for the annual budget of CEC, review of the budget and fund of Political Entities
    • periodical and final financial statements as well expenditure trends
    • reallocation of funds
    • proposals for improvement of the financial reporting and control
    • procurement plan and reporting
    • reasonability of the project
    • drafts reports for CEC related to the budget.
    • other financial issues that are competency of the commission
  2. Every proposal must be approved by CEC before being submitted to the Ministry of Finances.
  3. Committee on Budget and Finances presents to the Commission information, written reports and recommendations related to issues reviewed.
  4. CEC can ask for additional arguments from the Chief Executive Officer for any kind of expenditure.
  1. Committee on Legal Affairs reviews:
    • all bylaws issued by the Commission
    • election procedures pursuant to the law
    • complaints
    • replacement of municipal assembly members and deputies
    • issues recommended by OPPRC
    • contest within the entity
    • other legal issues that are competency of the Commission
  2. Committee on legal affairs presents to the Commission information, written reports and recommendations related to the issues reviewed.
  1. Election Operations Committee reviews:
    • Operational Plans for Elections
    • Voter information and Education
    • Manual for training module
    • Design of ballots and brochures
    • Identification of polling centers and polling stations
    • Drafting of voters list with all eligible voters to vote in elections in Kosovo
    • Selection, establishment and training of polling station committees
    • Undertake activities to ensure that people with disabilities have the possibility to exercise their right to vote
    • Other operational activities related to elections
  2. Election Operations Committee presents to the Commission information, written reports and recommendations related to the issues reviewed.

Secretariat of CEC

The Commission shall be assisted in the discharge of its responsibilities and functions by a Secretariat which shall shall implement the decisions of the CEC, prepare reports, recommendations for CEC decisions and shall provide administrative and other necessary support to the CEC. The Secretariat shall also assist the CEC in the implementation of functions and responsibilities assigned to it in accordance with Law, and subsidiary instruments there under.

Office of Political Party Registration and Certification

Office of Political Party Registration and Certification shall function as part of the CEC Secretariat.