Conditional Voting

The Central Election Commission allows voters to vote conditionally if they do not find the name on the final voter list at the polling station. To enable this service, the CEC ensures that each polling station has a dual polling station, where voters that are allocated to vote in that polling station, as well conditional voters can cast their vote.

  •  In the Kosovo Assembly Election, the dual polling station has two ballot boxes: 1) the regular ballot box for the Assembly of Kosovo and 2) the conditional ballot box.
  •  In the Local Elections, the dual polling station has 3 ballot boxes: 1) the regular ballot box for Mayor, 2) the regular ballot box for the Municipal Assembly, and 3) the conditional ballot box.

Remark: In the Kosovo Assembly Elections a voter can vote conditionally in any municipality, while in the Local Elections a voter can vote on condition only in polling centers within the municipality where their name is on the voter list.

The process of conditional voting

In order to vote conditionally, voters must go to the dual polling station. They will present a valid identification document based on which the notes are taken and placed on the conditional voter list and on a conditional ballot envelope. After filling the ballot or ballots, voters will place them in unmarked envelopes, which will then be placed in the envelope containing their details. Finally, the envelope with data will be placed in the respective box.

Counting of conditional votes

Conditional votes are not counted at the polling station. They are placed in bags, which are sealed with security seals, and are sent to the Count and Results Center.

At the CRC, first conditional voter data is entered in the database to check whether they are in the general voter list and whether they have voted in any regular polling station or through mobile teams. When it is confirmed that the conditional vote is in order, conditional votes will be collected in batches. Later, the counting team removes information envelopes and only a batch of unmarked envelopes remains. In this way, the CEC ensures the secrecy of voters who have voted on condition.