Registration of political parties

The process of Registration of a Political Party

Groups of citizens interested in registering a political party can do so with the support of 500 citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who are over 18 years of age. To register a Political Party in The Central Election Commission, you should follow the following steps:

Step 1 Download and complete the form for registration of a political party

Form for registering a political party

Step 2 Download and complete the form of the latest party convention

Form of the latest convention of the party

Step 3 Download and complete the list of political party supporters

The list should contain the names and information of at least 500 citizens of the Republic of Kosovo over 18 who support the political party for registration

Step 4 Along with the forms, submit the following documents:

  1. The statute of the political party, which must be drafted according to the procedures foreseen in Article 14 of Regulation No. 01/2013 on Registration and Operation of Political Parties.
  2. The program of the political party
  3. Party signs
  4. The latest financial statement of the party, which should include information of the donors supporting the registration of a political party (their names and the value of the donation) as well as supporting documents ex. contracts for using a political party office or paying office rent when using rental offices.
  5. Declaration of Ethnicity of Political Party Founders
  6. Registration fee of (500) Euro, which is an non-refundable payment, the invoice of which is taken at the Office for Political Party Registration and Certification at CEC.

Registration applications are reviewed within 30 days from the submission of the complete file. Applications that contain all these data will be successfully approved by CEC. Rejections can happen only in cases of violation of Constitution of Republic of Kosovo, Law on General Elections and Local Elections, as well Article 5 of Regulation No. 01/2013 on Registration and Operation of Political Parties.

Registry and Conventions of Political Parties

Registry of Political Parties