Accreditation of media observers

Local and international media that are interested to observe the elections can do so by applying for accreditation of observers according to the following steps:

Application for observation of the process for organizations, international missions and media starts on 1st of April and ends on 15th of April 2024.

Step 1 Download and complete the media accreditation form

Media accreditation form

Step 2 Download and complete the list of observers

In the template list of the observers you will write the data of all persons who will observe elections on behalf of your international NGO or mission. The list of observers must be completed electronically and then printed and signed by an authorized person of the NGO.

In addition to the signed list, NGOs should bring the same list in Excel format in a CD.

List of media observers

Step 3 Attach the certification of media house

Application for accreditation of media observers should be accompanied by a copy of the media house certificate.

Step 4 Submit the application for accreditation of observers to the CEC

The documents listed in the steps above must be submitted to the Office for Political Party Registration and Certification at CEC.

  • If your application meets all the requirements, CEC will continue with the preparation of your observers’ badges.
  • If your application does not meet all the requirements, the CEC will inform you that you have not been accredited to observe the election.

Remark: Applications received by email will not be taken into consideration, except in cases of application from outside the Republic of Kosovo.

Applications for accreditation of media outside Kosovo can be sent to the email address: [email protected]