Voters List

Central Election Commission creates voters list based on the data from Central Civil Registry of Kosovo. After receiving data from Civil Registry, CEC determines the polling centers taking into consideration that citizens will be able to vote closest to their residence. Change of the polling center can be done within the specified deadlines.

Civil In order to vote in elections, please make sure that you are part of Civil Registry of Kosovo by verifying this information in Municipal Offices of Civil Registry.

Voters List within the country

If you want to change your polling center, you can do in two ways:

20 July – 07 September 2021

1. Electronically by entering your data in the following platform and attaching a copy of your valid identification document of Kosovo

If you apply to change your polling center through online platform, Central Election Commission will notify you about the status of your application by email.

2. Or by visiting the office of Municipal Election Commission.

Out of country Voters List

This list contains the names of out of Kosovo voters that have applied successfully for registration for by mail voting.

Challenge and confirmation of Voters List

If your information or of someone you know are not accurate, you can challenge or confirm voters list. Challenge and confirmation of  voters list can be done within the defined deadlines, following the steps below:

24 August – 07 September 2021

Step 1 Visit the office of Municipal Election Commission

In the office of Municipal Election Commission, there will be assistance personnel, whom will guide you on how to fill the respective form and the following steps.

Step 2 Submit the form in the first degree court

The form completed and signed at Municipal Election Commission must be submitted in the first degree court, which is the highest decision making body for this issue. Every decision of this court is an obligation for CEC.

Remark: Preliminary voters list is shared with certified political entities, which have the right to challenge or confirm it. This list can be shared with accredited observers as well, whom first need to submit a request to CEC.