During this period, Central Election Commission of Republic of Kosovo offers to all voters the possibility of changing of the Polling Center based on their selection and as closer as possible to their permanent residence.

The voter can change polling center from 23 April 2019 until 29 April 2019.

During this period, you can request the following information:

  • Are you in the voters list?
  • In which poling center will you vote?
  • Where and how you can change your polling center?

To be informed of your polling center and the method of changing it, CEC has put at the service of voters:

  • Search engine, which is available on the CEC website Through this, you can check in which polling center you are allocated to vote, and you can also change the polling center through the online application. To connect directly to the application click here”,
  • Office of the Municipal Election Commission in your municipality. For the addresses of the Municipal Election Commissions, click here.
  • Voters’ lists placed at the entrance of the premises used as polling centers during the Election Day, and the Preliminary Voters List published in the facility where the Municipal Election Commissions offices are located.

For additional information you can call the free telephone line 0 800 55 555.

During this period you can only change the Polling Center within the same municipality, while those who have changed their residence from one municipality to another municipality should inform the MCCR (Municipal Center for Civil Registration) relating the change of their address. After the address is renewed in the Civil Registry, the change of the polling center will also be reflected in the Voters List.