Training program for Municipal Election Commission members has been conducted


The Central Election Commission is continuing with the preparations for Extraordinary Election Municipal Mayors: North Mitrovica , Zveçan, Zubin Potok and Leposaviq.

In this regard, CEC has started with the preparations for the training of the members of Municipal Election Commissions in these four municipalities. This program aims to increase the level of professionalism of MEC members, as well to prepare them to meet legal obligations and acts approved by CEC during organization of elections.

The training program includes necessary aspects of the electoral process that relate to the rights and responsibilities of the Municipal Election Commissions during their mandate.

Also, through this training MEC members will be trained on voting and counting procedures, intake of election materials, packaging and submitting them to the Count and Results Center.

The focus of this training program was the preparation of the MECs for different periods of the electoral process, such as the drafting, challenge and opposition of the voters list as well as the voting process for persons with special needs (SNV).