The CEC is investigating 255 polling stations for Municipal Assembly Elections



Pristina, October 24, 2021 – In order to ensure the accuracy of the electoral process, the Central Election Commission has approved a special procedure to investigate a certain number of polling stations.

The CEC will investigate 10% of the polling stations of each municipality that belong to the Municipal Assembly Elections.

These polling stations will be investigated, which are a total of 255 polling stations, were randomly selected and no irregularities were observed during the acceptance of their material.

Their investigation is intended to establish whether the polling station council correctly transferred the result / votes from the Candidate Counting Sheet to the Candidate Result Form. The Candidates ‘Counting Sheet is a worksheet where the votes of the candidates are registered during the counting, before they are transferred to the Candidates’ Result Form.

According to the procedure, if the investigation shows that there has changes and the votes were not transferred correctly, then after the decision of the CEC, the ballot box will be opened to clarify the situation.