The CEC decides to recount 23 polling stations



Pristina, 21st October 2021 – The Central Election Commission decided to recount 23 polling stations from different municipalities in Kosovo.

The process of the recounting of these polling stations took place in the Counting and Results Center and in the presence of observers.

According to the CEC decision, 8 polling stations belong to the Mayoral Elections from the following municipalities: Kaçanik (1 polling station), Klina (1), South Mitrovica (1), Podujevë (1), Prishtina (2), Prizren (1) and Skënderaj (1).

According to the decision of the CEC, 15 other polling stations belong to the Municipal Assembly Elections from the following municipalities:  South Mitrovica (1 polling station), Novobërdë (1), Podujevë (1), Prishtina (4), Prizren (4), Skënderaj (3) and Ferizaj (1).

The Central Election Commission took this decision after the recommendation of the Counting and Results Center, where it was noted that during the acceptance of election material these polling stations could not be accepted as regular. In some of these polling stations the result forms were incomplete or partially completed and in some cases the signatures of the members of the polling station council are missing, therefore a recount must be done in order to clarify the situation inside the ballot boxes.