Notification regarding the acceptance of election material at the Counting and Results Center



Pristina, 18 October 2021 – After the completion of the voting process and the completion of the process of counting the ballots paper in the polling stations, the Central Election Commission announced the progress of the process after the election day.
At a press conference from the Counting and Results Center, CEC spokesman Valmir Elezi announced the procedures to be followed by the CEC until the announcement and certification of the final election results.

Acceptance of election material at the CRC

“After all the procedures at the polling stations were completed on Sunday evening, including the counting of ballots paper from the Mayoral and Municipal Assembly Elections, the Counting and Results Center is receiving the election material from all polling stations. This process is of very important, because through it we will know about the condition of each polling station and of course that any irregularities can be identified. At the end of receiving the election material, we will have a detailed report on the findings. In addition of receiving the election material, currently data is being entered into the system from these polling stations “, said Elezi.

Announcement of final results and organization of the second round of Mayoral Elections

It was also stated that “The Law on Local Elections stipulates that if none of the candidates wins more than 50% +1 vote of the total number of valid votes cast in that municipality, then the CEC is obliged to organize the second round between the two candidates who have won the most votes. “According to the law, the second round of elections for mayor is held on Sunday, four weeks after the first round.”

“Therefore, it is important that the work of the CEC is focused on completing the procedures related to the Mayoral Elections in order to announce and certify the final results, to know exactly which are the municipalities in which the second round should be held and that according to the law this should be done four weeks after the first round “, said Elezi.

“Until the announcement and then the certification of the final results we come after the verification and counting of conditional votes; postal votes; votes of persons with special needs; after the completion of all procedures in the Counting and Results Center; as well as after the completion of the review and decision regarding the eventual complaints of the political entities and their candidates”.

Time for announcing and certifying the final results for Mayors

Asked by reporters how long it takes the CEC to announce the final results and certify them, he replied that “We cannot give an exact date of how many days the CEC needs, first, to announce the final results for Mayors and then, for their certification. The CEC will work to the maximum for us to meet the legal deadlines, in order to prepare for the second round of elections for Mayors, which according to the law must be held four weeks after the second round. In the past, in the 2017 elections, the CEC needed 9 days to announce the final results of the Mayoral Elections and another 3 days to certify their result”.