Invitation for application for accreditation of observers and media


Central Election Commission informs regarding the deadlines for submission of observer accreditation requests for early elections for the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo, taking place on 6th of October 2019.

The request for election observation accreditation can be submitted by:

 Certified political entities;


 Governmental and intergovernmental organizations;

 Specialized international organizations dealing with elections and protection of human rights;

 Representatives of foreign countries; and


The deadlines for submission of requests to get accredited for election observation are as follows:

27 August – 27 September: Deadline for application for accreditation of observers of political entities and NGO’s

27 August – 1 October: Deadline for application for accreditation of international observers and media

For more information please visit web page of CEC and Office for Political Parties Registration and Certification (OPPRC) at CEC. The forms can be obtained in the web page of CEC.

 Only observers accredited by CEC can observe these elections and

 Applications received by email are considered in cases of application from outside of Republic of Kosovo.