Information from CEC meeting


The Central Election Commission held its first meeting after the appointment of new members by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, chaired by the President of CEC, Valdete Daka.

At this meeting, the Central Election Commission approved the recommendation for the President of the Republic of Kosovo regarding the next candidates for deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo to replace the current deputies, according to the lists of the respective political entities.

From political entity VETËVENDOSJE! it is recommended that:
1. Enver Haliti to replace Albin Kurti;
2. Alban Hyseni to replace Glauk Konjufca;
3. Arta Bajralija to replace Albulena Haxhiu;
4. Fitim Haziri to replace Arben Vitia and
5. Eman Rrahmani to replace Haki Abazi.

From political entity Lidhja Demokratike e Kosovës it is recommended that:
1. Hatim Baxhaku to replaceAnton Quni;
2. Fidan Rekaliu to replaceLumir Abdixhiku;
3. Xhavit Uka to replace Avdullah Hoti;
4. Besa Gaxherri to replace Hykemete Bajrami and
5. Shkumbin Gashi to replace Besian Mustafa.

From political entity Nova Demokratska Stranka it is recommended that:
1. Zikreta Aliti to replace Emilija Redžepi.