CEC marks Global Election Day, the document: “Voter turnout trends in the Republic of Kosovo, 2009 – 2021” is presented


Pristina, February 2, 2023 – Central Election Commission marked “Global Election Day” for the tenth time.

The main activity was organized in Pristina, a conference with the theme “Participation in the elections and the role of Kosovo institutions”, where part of the panel were the Chairman of the CEC,Kreshnik Radoniqi, the Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Tomáš Szunyog, the Director for Democratization Department OSCE Kosovo, Pascale Roussy and Eugen Cakolli from “Democracy in Action” representing a network of non-governmental organizations observing the elections in Kosovo.

Before the discussion by the panelists, the CEC Spokesperson, Valmir Elezi, presented the document “Voter turnout trends in the Republic of Kosovo, 2009 – 2021″, which provides detailed data for more than a decade of electoral processes. The data analyzed in this document belong to five election processes for the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo (2010; 2014; 2017; 2019 and 2021) and four local election processes for Municipal Assemblies (2009; 2013; 2017 and 2021).

Speaking about this document, the Chairman of the CEC, Kreshnik Radoniqi, said that the CEC pays great attention to publications, which serve other parties, such as political parties, researchers, media, civil society and election observers.

In addition, Radoniqi also spoke about two major current commitments of the CEC, which are related to the drafting of the new strategic plan of the CEC for the period 2023-2024, which he said is in the process of completion, as well as the engagement in the process of electoral reform.

“CEC has become an active part of the electoral reform process that is being led by the Assembly of Kosovo, through the ad-hoc commission. So far, we have participated in several meetings with the members/deputies of this commission and we have presented about 50 recommendations, which we consider would serve to improve the legal space in the organization of elections. We are very optimistic, also from the cooperation we have had so far with the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo who are part of this commission, that our proposals will be taken into account”, said Radoniqi.

Representatives of political entities and civil society organizations, which deal with elections, were also present at this event.