The new members of CEC have been sworn in


Prishtina, 6 February 2020 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi appointed the new members of the Central Election Commission, based on the proposals of parliamentary groups and parliamentary political parties of the communities represented in the Kosovo Assembly.

The ten appointed members of the CEC are: Sami Kurteshi, Alim Rama, Sami Hamiti, Arianit Elshani, Ibrahim Selmanaj, Nenad Rikalo, Eshref Vishi, Ćemailj Kurtiši, Rifat Krasnic and Artan Asllani.

The new members of the Central Election Commission have sworn to perform their duties honestly, faithfully, impartially, professionally and consciously.

The President of the CEC, Valdete Daka was also present at the ceremony.

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