The Chairman of the CEC, Radoniqi, welcomed the Head of the EU in Kosovo, Szunyog


Pristina, July 18, 2023 – The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Kreshnik Radoniqi, welcomed today the Head of the EU Office and the EU Special Representative in Kosovo, Tomáš Szunyog.

In this meeting, Radoniqi welcomed the completion of the electoral reform process, while he talked with Ambassador Szunyog about the current commitment of the CEC to harmonize the Electoral Regulations with the Law on General Elections, which was approved in early June by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. On this occasion, Radoniqi thanked the EU Office in Kosovo for becoming part of this process.

From his side, Ambassador Szunyog expressed his satisfaction that most of the recommendations of the European Union observers, who since 2013 have been closely observing the electoral processes in Kosovo, have been included in the electoral reform.

Also, he expressed his willingness to continue with support for the CEC in harmonizing the bylaws with the new law.