Information from CEC Meeting


Central Election Commission held the meeting chaired by the President of CEC, Valdete Daka.

In this meeting, Central Election certified the final results of second round (revoting) for municipal mayor of Istog, that took place in 17 December 2017.

In the continuity of the meeting, by replying to the request of the President of Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi to recommend the next candidates that result in the certified list of political entity Vetëvendosje movement after the resignation from the position of the deputy of Mr. Mytaher Haskuka and Mr. Qëndron Kastrati, Central Election Commission informs that:

  • Mr. Shemsi Syla is the next candidate to replace Mr. Mytaher Haskuka and
  • Mr. Salih Zyba is the next candidate to replace Mr. Qëndron Kastrati

Also, Central Election Commission informs that pursuant to the legal obligation, after the audit, the Annual Financial Reports and Electoral Campaign Spending Reports of political entities have been published.