Daka at the Conference on Challenges and Regional Practices in Reforming the Electoral System


The Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission participated in the regional conference organized by the Kosovo Democratic Institute on “Challenges and Regional Practices in Reforming the Electoral System”. This one-day conference brought together representatives of institutions, civil society and media from the country and the region to share experiences on this topic.

In her introductory speech, Daka said that the Republic of Kosovo has advanced much in the field of elections, but it should be paid attention to every challenge that is faced, and the best opportunity is through electoral reform, which should happen.

“Electoral reform must ensure the integrity of future electoral processes, because only this way can we ensure free, democratic and competitive elections. We must bear in mind that serious work must be done and all the issues that have been encountered during the electoral process should be addressed. I believe that we all can contribute, which ultimately serves a common purpose: strengthening the upcoming electoral process and, consequently, strengthening our state. If we achieve this goal, then I believe that the integrity and credibility of citizens in electoral processes would be indisputable, “Daka said.

Photo: Kosovo Democratic Institute

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