Third Conference – CEC: CEC: 23.60% of voters voted unitl 15:00


Prishtina, 14 November 2021 – 15:30 – The Central Election Commission held the second conference on the day of the elections of the second round of elections for Mayors of 21 Municipalities.

CEC Chairman Kreshnik Radoniqi announced that the voting process is ongoing in 21 municipalities. “The CEC is constantly monitoring the election process and based on information from the field so far there have been no irregularities that would affect the voting process,” said Radoniqi.

In this conference it was announced that until 15:00, 23.60% or 297 thousand 512 voters out of 1 million 260 thousand 571 voters have voted.

Detailed data on voter turnout in each municipality and at each polling station can be found on the website:

The second round of elections is being held in the following 21 municipalities: Gjakova, Gllogoc, Gjilan, Dragash, Istog, Kaçanik, Klina, Fushë Kosovë, Kamenica, Obiliq, Rahovec, Podujevë, Prishtina, Prizren, Shtime, Viti, Vushtrri, Malisheva, Junik, Mamush and Kllokot.

The fourth conference of the CEC will be held at 19:30, in which it is planned to present the participation in the voting until 19:00 and the progress of the electoral process until that time.