CEC certified the final results of the extraordinary elections for municipal mayor in four municipalities


Central Election Commission held a meeting chaired by president, Valdete Daka.

In this meeting, Central Election Commission certified the final results of the extraordinary municipal mayoral elections in the municipalities of Leposavic, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and North Mitrovica, which were held on 19 May 2019. CEC issued this decision after confirmation by the Electoral Panel for Appeals and Complaints that there are no cases in this institution to be judged.

In the continuation of the meeting, CEC agreed on the content of the response to the request of the Mayor of Kamenica, Mr. Qëndron Kastrati on organizing a consultative referendum in this municipality.

CEC’s response says:

Pursuant to Article 139 of the Constitution of Kosovo, the Central Election Commission is a permanent body that prepares, oversees, directs and verifies all actions related to the election process and referendums, and announces their results.

 Despite the constitutional powers in organizing the referendum, the lack of a special referendum law prevents the CEC from organizing a referendum.

 The Law on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo and the Law on Local Elections does not include in the legal and institutional framework the referendum as a declaration mechanism for any local or central issue, including the issue proposed by your municipality.

 Therefore, based on the above mentioned reasons, your claim is unfounded and cannot be approved.