Out of Country Voting


22 OCTOBER 2017

By Mail Voting

Application Period/ Registration

Central Election Commission of Republic of Kosovo is doing the preparations for organization of Local Elections for Municipal Mayors and Municipal Assembly which will take place on 22nd of October 2017.

If you are from Republic of Kosovo and are resident of Republic of Kosovo, but live abroad, you can apply for registration as a by-mail voter for Local Elections in Republic of Kosovo.

You can obtain the form for registration for By-mail voting from following sources:

  • Form I for the citizens who possess the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo,
  • Form II For those who do not possess the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo, but who have the right to be citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, according to the Law on Citizenship,
  • Help line in the Unit for By-Mail Voting Operation:

  + 381 (038) 213 100, and +381 (038) 213 200

  • Embassies and Consulates of Republic of Kosovo as well distribution points of contact persons of political entities registered in Republic of Kosovo  located in diaspora (For their addresses, please click here),

In order to meet the criteria to vote from abroad of Kosovo you must:

  • Be 18 years old on election day on  22nd of October 2017,
  • Be registered in Civil Registry of Republic of Kosovo and have identification documents (ID) of Republic of Kosovo or UNMIK,
  • Or have a certification that proves that you are legitimate person to be registered in Civil Registry of Republic of Kosovo.

If you have identification document of Republic of Kosovo or UNMIK with expired date, please along with these document also send an identification document of the state where you live.

The filled form along with the attached documents must be received by CEC until 23rd of August 2017.

You can send the completed form to:

  • Through mail, to CEC address (Central Election Commission, By-Mail Voting, K.P. 6 Box 351, 10 000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo).

·  Through official email in one of the following addresses